Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time has flown - - it's 2013!

Well, I've been slackin' on the blog that's for sure!

Best news of all is our healthy & HAPPY baby boy LEVI!!! Baby was still a mystery at my last post.  He is now 7 1/2 months old....again, a testament to how long it's been since I've written ; )

He was born on Sept. 27th, 2012....another "7" baby (although, okay, fine, so I picked that date specifically.  it was a choice of dates from the 24th-28th....of COURSE I'm gonna pick a "lucky" number).  Jordan 27, Chase 14 (7x2, *also* born in July....the SEVENTH month...duh), Nicole 17 (among all of her 17's), and now Levi 27.  And while we're at it - - Melissa died on July (the SEVENTH month) 1st when I was 17. Again, coincidence....??? I think not.

And just to prove my numbers theory....which up until this next point, was just a theory b/c I am very numbers oriented myself.  When Nicole's 17's all aligned I took it as a definite sign that God was tapping my brain to let me know she was taken care of.  But THEN, the last time we went to church (which ISN'T often enough), Father Shane specifically said, "Numbers ALWAYS have a meaning in the bible....ALWAYS".  And I lit up....thank you Father Shane.  They have a meaning to me too.  What do 7's mean in the bible?? I shall look that up...soon. Just don't let it be devil's work or something crazy like that!!!! ; )

So Levi: he's an amazing part of my heart. Although it was over a year after we lost Nicole, he put a real genuine smile on my face. My heart did some healing having him.  My mom once said, early in the months after losing Nicole, that shouldn't be the end of my story.  Closing the chapter with such a heart-wrenching loss shouldn't be the conclusion.  Levi has changed that.  He is a happy ending ("ending"?! not sure he's really an ending....that is TBD) to very raw & hurting heart that I had.  I can honestly say, I look at him EVERY SINGLE day & realize what a blessing he is.  It's a dichotomy of looking at what Nicole could've been & yet how amazing Levi is.

And so begins my life raising 3 boys.
As stated above, I can't say with absolute certainty he's the end of the line.  But time will tell.  I'm not sure I can go through another pregnancy with the worry that I had after Nicole.  And when Levi got taken to the NICU shortly after birth, that was enough to shake me to my core again.  Although it was very minor & he was jolted both Pat & I.
These boys will have me running between sports, wincing at the words "poop", "fart" and "turd", cleaning up dirt, sweat & boogers.....YUCK.  And they will have my heart....despite all of that YUCKY BOY STUFF!!!! ; ) I couldn't possibly love them more.  It's incredible how different they all are....well, I mean who knows what Levi will be like??!! How exciting to find out ~~

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