Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oops...forgot the funny stories....

Why I had to get onto the blog in the first place - - to document my kids' funny stories : ) 

Jordan - - tells me one day that he's NEVER getting married to anyone, that he's NEVER having kids.  I was slightly disappointed thinking, "What?! He doesn't like our family structure? He doesn't see the importance of Pat & I's marriage? The love that we show eachother & our kids?! What am I doing wrong?!"...of course those are my thoughts....not that 'he's 5, he doesn't know the difference' - - haha! But after questioning him "Why not?" he says.......because I only want to live with you mommy.....awwwwwwww.....I love that Jordan boy.  

Chase -- we quickly had to drop some food off to Pat at work before we'd be late to story time at the library.  I saw a "scary stranger" walking up near the parking lot & decided to see where he was going before I left my kids in the car to fun food in.  Jordan asked, why I was just sitting there waiting, so I told him I say that "scary stranger" and didn't want to leave them in the car.  A minute later the guy took off walking down a trail in the woods, so he never even came within 50 feet of our car (BUT STILL!).  So I run the food in (literally run) & run back out (yes, running again).  And the kids are asking where that scary stranger is.  He's gone, nowhere to be seen....and we drive off.  They ask what he looks like and how big he was.  I tell them he was just a guy, about as big as daddy...about daddy's age too.  I mentioned he had some long hair though.  Jordan said, "like mommy hair?"....yes, kinda as long as my hair.  Chase then says, "did he have a vine around his head?"......LIKE JESUS???? What?! Where does he come up with this (Oh, I know, St Paul preschool...but still!)?! So stinkin' cute that Chase.  I said no, he didn't have a vine....but Jordan did further explain that boys can wear ribbons in their hair if they love. 

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