Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gotta catch up! First off...South Padre Island!

Whew - haven't written here in a LONG time! Since February I believe.  And I'll try my best to recap what's gone on! 

March - we took a vacation to South Padre Island to visit Grampa Bob, Gramma Sherry, and Grampa Mike.  The plan ride was just about awful (only because of the emotions involved...the flight itself was fine).  I was VERY anxious about flying.  Now that I have kids I guess there's just an added sense of, "What if we don't 'make it'?!"...and how dare I put my children on a plane to potentially end their lives.  Yes, completely irrational thoughts....but they were real and overwhelming. Pat & I finally sat & talked about it one night and I just cried telling him I don't want to go and that I just want to cancel the trip.  I think I would've if my parents hadn't "gifted" us this trip & if they weren't SO looking forward to seeing us. My mom & dad were just counting down the days until we got there!! I worked through my last bit of anxiety & just forged helped too that the kids were super excited to be on a plane & go to the beach.....and I LOVE the beach, so I too was looking forward to those sunny days. 
I never let on to the kids that I was nervous or anxious at all.  So they shouldn't have had any worries getting on that plane.  When Pat dropped us off at the airport though I couldn't even say good-bye to him & just had to turn and walk away while he told me he loved me.  Jeez did he have to make this harder than it already was?! **kidding** We walked away from him, focused on getting some lunch (I was starving) and after just a small mishap of Chase & I getting stuck in the turnstyle doors....whatever!!! 
After being seated on the plane, Jordan turns to me and says "We're not gonna crash are we?"....WHAT?!  I never let on to this kid that planes even possibly crash!!! Where is he getting this?! I promptly calmed myself....err HIM down by saying, "NO! Planes don't even crash....they can't crash".  Whew! The only concern he had after that was that the plan was going "real fast" on the runway.  Chase on the other hand was excited to see the clouds since it was still light out..."We get to see the clouds? We get to go to HEAVEN! Yay!!" - - WHAT?! NO - we're are NOT going heaven today & furthermore, please keep quiet (for the sake of other paranoid passengers around us!).  The 2 1/2 hour flight went....okay....until the last 45 minutes.  Jordan was nauseated & thought he'd throw up.  So he was crying & had the paper bag up to his mouth thinking he might puke any minute.  Chase also started getting upset when he was "so cold" yet his hair was soaked with sweat...great, he has cold-sweats.....and crying! This is lovely.  I'm overheating now too & convinced there is NO air going through the cabin.  Both kids are crying & upset...and frankly I want off this plane.  Luckily I was able to soothe them both to sleep for about the last 20 minutes of the flight.  However, that meant for an unpleasant departure from the plane.  I had to shake them both awake....drag them off the plane, half conscious.  And when we did make it off (with 2 carry-on suitcases & my huge purse mind you) Jordan started bawling saying he's never flying again & doesn't want to throw up. Oh great....we have another flight in 40 minutes....
Looking as sad and pathetic as we possibly could - I longed for someone to look at us with a little bit of sympathy & offer us some help.  No good.  I asked some kind of worker for some assistance & she pointed to the elevator.  What?! I don't need an elevator! Well, I do actually because my kids will barely walk...amidst their crying.  
I finally saw the "golf cart" thingy transporting the senior citizens around and knew that was my only hope.  I waited for one to come back around our terminal and again looked at him as sad and pathetically as I possibly could (it didn't take much effort at that point...the kids were a wreck).  He gave us a ride....a LONG ride at that (the boys would've NEVER walked that far in their state) to the next terminal.  Here we ended up having a 2 hour layover where the kids got to run around a little, go the bathroom, have snacks, etc.  They were completely fine getting on the next flight....and the next flight went great!  Chase fell asleep almost immediately after take-off & Jordan and I played LeapPad for an hour until landing : ) Yay....safely arrived! 

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