Thursday, April 19, 2012

Continuing on....March & the news

From where I left off -- arriving in Texas....but this is a whole 'nother topic. 

I was also taking the opportunity of our time with my parents to share the news that I'm pregnant....again. It's said with "again" because it's so soon after we just had our daughter Nicole....and because there's been much anticipation about when (and maybe even IF) we'd have another baby.  Nicole was born in August 2011 but only survived a short time after birth (this would be a whole 'nother blog entry....actually, it's a whole 'nother journal altogether so I won't get into anyways).  
Focus....March....Texas....telling my parents the news....
Okay, so I wanted to tell them in person & thought I had this real creative way to catch their expression (and assumed emotion).  I was going to snap a picture & instead of "say cheese" I'd say "say 'Heidi's pregnant'!"  Well - - since digital cameras aren't always so "quick to the draw" I barely got my mom's expression - - but we did get my dad.  He didn't even know we had a camera on him & the news slipped out after I said grace at the dinner table (....through Christ our Lord...and Heidi's pregnant....Amen.  haha!).  
This is my mom crying!
This is my mom saying, "What?! What, you are?! What?!"

My dad - in shock! We actually caught his actual reaction...teeheehee! And Jordan's reaction too - - haha! He already knew, but I think he thought the part after I said grace was pretty funny ; ) 

 From there I could finally share all the details I had known since finding out I was pregnant...oh, end of January! And this was mid-March and I had already been to the doctor.  My dad also said (after this Kodak moment)...said to my mom in private that is, that this news scares him.  We had just gone through one of the worst experiences of my life (aside from losing my sister)...and they watched me through it.  And from what I gather, it was hard for them to lose a grand daughter while watching their own daughter suffer so badly.  And knowing what I know about seeing my own children get hurt (scrape their knees, get their feelings hurt, etc.) - - I imagine this was quite a burden of sorrow for them.  
Regardless....we are all approaching this with MUCH more stress & worry than of pregnancies past. 

Oh - I also shared this news - in the same manner with my sister & nephew Braden.  But Gina REFUSES to be caught on camera!!! And I do have Braden's reaction - which is quite good - but it's on Pat's cell phone dangit! I thought I was so clever coming up with this way of telling ; ) 

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