Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy time of year

We are in the midst of Pat's absolute busiest time in his wrestling season.  Just got done with the district tournament which decides who will wrestle at the State Tournament. So, needless to say Pat is gone a lot and the kids & I are on our own a LOT.  Unfortunately, my schedule is just as hectic until March 1st with my BVU class on Mon/Thurs nights and my 90 hours of observations all day on Tues/Thurs and the classes I teach at Iowa Central MWF afternoons.  So - - with all that chaos the kids often get carted back & forth to babysitters.  Whether that be the in-home daycare we use or one of the grandparents.  Ugh.  Makes for long days sometimes & wishing our days could be more fun...and free to do more of what we want.  Of course our mornings are free on MWF.  Usually the kids spend about an hour "waking up".  They love the days when we're not rushing out of the house so I can get to my 8am observations.  So especially these days we cherish the slow mornings in our jammies....watching cartoons, eating breakfast when we feel like it, and playing around. The afternoons can get long sometimes...only because then I'm looking for some adult conversation with Pat.  By then the kids don't want to run any errands with me & they want me to play some game with them (board games, hide&seek, bum-bum catcher, club house play, and every once in awhile I can get them to draw).  Which is fine, but after a morning of kids play I'm usually hoping to get my own stuff done on the computer, around the house, or just sit & relax.  And after all, I'm usually trying to avoid my heaping pile of laundry so I can use an excuse to play with them to get out of folding laundry ; ) 
Here's the boys in the playroom - - Jordan relaxing (I thought it was so cute he was sitting with his legs crossed) and Chase in the tent with ALL the pillows & blankets they can gather in the ENTIRE house!

 Chase was sick with strep & had the BIGGEST tantrums & resistance to meds.  Even G'ma Sherry had to restrain him to get it in his mouth! And I never thought she'd resort to that - - she always hates seeing Pat force it in their mouthes.  But he had strep pretty bad & I think even G'ma Sherry knew he HAD to take it, whether he liked it or not. So the above picture is where we finally ended up - - he'd take it if it involved a race against time, if we were "hiding" the meds from daddy, or if big brother Jordan administered it! Jordan LOVED to give him the meds...and Chase did too in the end ; ) 

 This is what we did one morning (or was it afternoon....?? who knows).  Rolled out our drawing paper - - which is now gone by the way, we've used the whole roll.  They usually like to paint on the big paper, but I hate the mess, so we've got markers readily available now! The far end by the fridge are some old paintings.  Closest to us is Jordan's drawing of a house & a tree next to it.  He also drew blinds (curtains) on the windows....and a TORNADO outside.  WHAT?! Shortly after he drew that we had to play pretend-tornado drill.  We had to take shelter in the basement clubhouse under the stairs (which would be the perfect shelter by the way ; ) 
 The Valentine's below are my proud creation (after I missed the mark last year...I overlooked a note home to Jordan about a Valentine's party & he had to show up empty handed : ( 
So these are the awesome Chex-Mix bags we did this year!!! Both ideas stemmed from Pinterest (of course).  They turned out SOOO cute! 

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