Friday, February 3, 2012

Feeling lively again

Since Tuesday night when I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat (and took a cough drop) I've been down & out with strep.  We had a friend over 2 weeks ago, who 2 days later called & said they had strep.  Two days after that Chase had it & a week later I had it.  So -  - here we are finally upright & off the couch.  Six episodes of "Brothers & Sisters", 4 icees, lots of hot tea & honey, + meds...and we're back. 

Today, I'm back to work...although I'm extremely glad it's only 2 hours & not an 8 hour day (for more than one reason than just being sick).  Until then the kids are working on some "homework". Jordan really does have homework in his 4yr old preschool.  Chase missed 2 days of school when he had strep, so he thinks he has homework this week too (really it's just the stuff he missed & they sent it home for fun).  So here's what they've been working on....

Also this week (Monday), Jordan & Chase got recognized as "Future Dodgers" for the kids club wrestling.  They did so well at the recognition - - especially since Jordan usually gets stage fright & I was scared he wouldn't go out there at all.  It was in front of the entire Dodger crowd waiting for the Varsity meet to start.  So there was a LOT of people in the crowd! So here they are out on the mat - - 

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