Friday, January 27, 2012

Fart Dip

Yuck - - just the name of this post grosses me out. However, my two BOYS think it's hilarious. It's actually called Noise Putty & it's like floam-green slime-jelly-putty in a jar.  My mom gave it to them as part of their valentine's gifts! So you keep sticking your fingers in there & it makes sick noises.  Noises that I have no desire to hear from a jar or elsewhere...ever! 
If you know me at all, you know that I can't stand the indecency of "passing gas"...sick.  See, every time I even type it I just about have to follow it with my opinion.  

Anyways, because my cute adorable fun-loving children think it's do I.  At the funniest point in play with "Fart Dip" (which is the name Chase came up with by the way) - - Chase was telling Jordan that he has a bigger "wein*#" than him.  I wasn't paying attention, but finally "heard" it about 10 seconds later & told Chase that was inappropriate talk & that we don't use that word or make reference to our private parts.  He proceded to pull the Fart Dip out of the front of his pants....AHA....that's what he meant when he said his was bigger!!! He had it stuffed down his pants! He continued to pull out his green stuff with somewhat of a struggle and at one point had it stuck half-in-half-out....YUCK! My mom & I were cracking up of course & so was Jordan! Hilariously laughing at Chase's antics - - as usual ; ) 

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