Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The mommy guilties...

So today Chase is sick with a 100-101, sometimes 102, fever...after both kids have at some point complained of a sore throat.  Jordan's was Friday/Saturday...Chase finally came up with it Monday night & now all day today. The "guilties" come into play when I have a really productive morning - because one kids is down for the count & doesn't need much attention other than to check his temperature, give meds, push fluids, etc.  But then I decide that I'm neglecting him, so I stop everything to just sit & cuddle him under a blankie.  We sat in a recliner together, shut off the TV & he napped while I sat there staring at him or browsing the internet.  Therein lies another form of guilt.  That I was being lazy & not getting anything done but surfing the 'net!!! Oh well, got to cuddle my babe.  And I guess I spent 1/2 of my day doing some of each - - a little housework, a little cuddling ; ) 
I've attempted to post some pics of the kids today - - Chase sick, Jordan on his beloved iPod (that Braden handed down to him, so it's automatically "COOL", and not to worry critics, I monitor his ipod time to it's not excessive ; ) 

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