Wednesday, May 29, 2013

School's *ALMOST* out for Summer!

Tomorrow should've been Jordan's last day of KINDERGARTEN!!! But because of snow days (one on May 2nd for crying out loud!) - - they go through next Thursday & Pat works on Friday. Chase is already out & spending his days with Levi & I! 
It is nothing but RAIN RAIN RAIN these days. No pool for us! yuck. periods of sunshine here & there so we can be outside, but thunderstorms almost every night. The aquatic center is technically open....but  my requirement is 82+ degrees. That hasn't happened yet.  I did get Levi's little splash pad all cleaned up & ready here at home.  Although, the zero depth at the aquatic center will be much better. We went to King's Pointe in Storm Lake this weekend.  It was so fun & even Levi got to splash around in the water most of the time.  He loved it! 
 one of VERY FEW pics of me & my 3 boys!

Before the computer goes dead (and I can't go sit by the charger b/c I'm technically at work, Apple, and have to stay by this computer in the play room).....but here's my "listen to what _____ said today" story: 

Jordan had a field trip to Dodger Stadium with the ENTIRE school district.  Which means that for the first time ever, Pat & Jordan were at the same field trip! Fun! (which meant Levi, Chase, gramma Sherry & I ALSO joined in & went too ; ) So I asked Jordan how the rest of the field trip went & if he had fun.  He just started crying....saying he was crying getting on the bus.  I couldn't believe it & asked why, he was so sad.  He said that he was so sad because he "wanted to be with dad so bad & he didn't get to be with him....he only got to wave at me, but I wanted to be with him"..... : ( Oh my goodness, that made my heart melt for him!!!! He said he just barely got to see him as Pat waved at him before he got on the bus...and that must be when he just wanted to go over & be with him - - is that just heart wrenching or what? Not that he was seriously deprived, but that he saw his daddy & just probably wanted to run over to him! But Jordan always follows the rules & expectations & would never ask Mrs. Winter if he could go see him.  So it must've really made him sad while he was sitting on that bus.  So precious....sad, but precious!!! I told Pat that story & he made sure to say something & hold onto him tonight after supper. 

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